Friday, April 15, 2011

April Kit Reveal DELAYED until tomorrow!

Hi everyone,
  I have been trying to publish the new kit and design work to the site for the past 15 minutes, and I'm assuming the server is down, or there is some sort of technical difficulties going on from my hosting companies side.  There customer service is closed until tomorrow morning, Im going to post the design team work here so you can see the different elements of the kit.  I am so sorry everyone, I'm so upset about this, especially being that House of Art is a new company and trying to make a good first impression!!  I hope the design team work can hold you over!! Here they are:

Nicole Martel

Kat Poole

Taraleigh Gray


Lisa Houpt


  1. Don't feel bad! It's not your fault that the computer/network/server/ALL THINGS TECHNICAL have minds of their own.

  2. Dont worry, these things happen, just keeps the anticipation up! Xxx

  3. i love everyone's projects!